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If you have questions about me, my work, or collaboration, please send an email to me at www.thenomadicpulse.com!

Why do I focus on nature?

Because I love spending time in nature, and the variety on Earth is endlessly diverse. My best work will be inspired by doing the things I love the most. At the top of that list is exploring the natural world.

In addition, nature is the irreplaceable foundation for everything humans have done and will do on planet Earth. A familiarity with the land and sea in an area helps to understand the cultures that evolved and exist in those areas.

While a strong argument can be made for cities being part of nature, for the sake of The Nomadic Pulse, I will consider nature to be the areas where human impact on the land is minimal.

Why do I focus on culture?

Because it brings me a deeper understanding of the people in the regions I visit. It is easy to make hasty generalizations about large groups of people, but these only serve to move us further from understanding one another. In an increasingly globalized world, it is imperative to bridge these gaps by learning about social structure, language, history, and more.

An example: Upon arriving in Vietnam, I quickly realized that the people often leave out certain words when speaking English. “I am going to the store,” is instead, “I go store”. “Why?” I pondered. Not until putting in the time to learn Vietnamese did I see why. In Vietnamese, a person would say, “Tôi đi cửa hàng,” or, in English, “I go store.” Now I wonder why English speakers must add so many unnecessary words (am, to, the)! But, at the same time, I appreciate the artistic freedom that English allows more than I did.

Why are social and environmental issues important to me?

I feel a sense of responsibility to do this. During my school years, I never spent much time learning about the state of the world, but ever since I began traveling, the many issues plaguing people, plants, and animals have become more clear to me. There are countless issues to be given attention to, and I hope to reach a wide audience with the Social and Environmental content that I provide.

A bit about me

My name is Aaron.

I come from Colorado, USA, where the only thing higher than the mountains is the people!

For the past two years, I have been living in Hanoi, Vietnam. I have been fortunate enough to travel around Vietnam and a handful of other Southeast Asian countries during my time here.